Invisible Drama

From Library Journal

“Women have now chosen to live courageously, to embark on their journey, however difficult it may be. But even as inequities persist outside and conflicts war within, the struggle to overcome these forces need not be unrelenting. When anxiety is reduced to normal levels, its best attributes can be used to stimulate awareness and spark a desire to confront the challenges of life.

At the end of the journey of change and transformation, women will finally be able to stand up and ‘break the evil curse’ of obsession, the fear of inadequacy, and the terror of anxiety. Once they have learned how to protect themselves from the world around them and to heal themselves by taking in their own care and the love of others, the throes of anxiety will no longer have ultimate power. Rather they will ‘pass like storms,’ leaving ‘peace behind them.'”
— from The Invisible Drama by Carol Becker

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