theartist“A collaboration between the  New Art Examiner and the School of the Art Institute  of Chicago, with support from the John D. and  Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, this publication  gathers together—in book form—selected papers  from “The Artist in Society, Rights, Roles, and  Responsibilities,” an October 1994 conference  organized by the Art Institute of Chicago and the  School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Featured  authors: Kathy Acker, Carol Becker, Homi K. Bhabba,  Page du Bois, Michael Brenson, Michael Eric Dyson,  and Henry Giroux. Chapters include: Borderline  Artist, Cultural Workers, and the Crisis of Democracy;  Democracy and the Idea of the Artist; The  Enchantment of Art; Proposition One; Gangsta Rap:  Representation, Transgression, and the Race Artist;  Survival of the Artist in the New Political Climate; and  Where Do We Go From Here: Securing a Place for the  Artist in Society.”

Edited by Carol Becker
Purchase here


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